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FNNDSC Weekly Newsletter - Week 31

Upcoming Events

December 31st: Newborn Medicine Holiday - Administrative Office Closed

January 1st: BCH Holiday - New Year's Day

January 6th: FNNDSC Bi-Weekly Lecture Series with Dr. Fabrizio Taffoni

Various Dates: Newborn Brain Society

Helpful Links

Funding Opportunities

Honors/Awards Spotlight

· Congratulations to Jeffrey Stout for receiving the Thrasher Early Career Program Award! His proposed 2-year project focuses on developing MRI-based hemodynamic metrics for better prediction of stroke risk and surgical response in patients with moyamoya disease. Jeffrey's mentors are Ellen Grant and Darren Orbach. He will also be collaborating with the Cerebrovascular Surgical Intervention Center (CSIC).

Newsletter Questionnaire

A new year is almost here and with that we would like to know what new things you would love to see on the FNNDSC newsletter. Is there something you really enjoy reading from the newsletter? Is there content you would rather do without? Please let us know!

Holiday Travel

We all want to see our friends and family for the holidays and celebrate the end of 2021, but please be cognizant of the restrictions in place and follow all MA and CDC guidelines to ensure safe celebrations.

Holiday Lights

Social distance from your car with your household and see the wonder of holiday lights this season.

Holiday Recipe

Make the Australian Lamington at home during the holidays. What is a Lamington? Traditionally, it is a vanilla cake dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in desiccated coconut. Here's the recipe.

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