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What is new in the world of ChRIS?

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

In his Red Hat interview, Dr. Rudolph Pienaar discusses the evolution of ChRIS. He explains how ChRIS was originally developed by the FNNDSC’s Advanced Computing Group to bring sophisticated (but often complex and hard-to-use) medical imaging, such as MRI and CT scans, analysis into the front lines to better inform clinical care. However, ChRIS has since evolved into a powerful general purpose, open source distributed data and computation platform.

"Since the collaboration between Red Hat, the MOC, and the FNNDSC in 2018, ChRIS has progressed rapidly and new use cases have steadily grown. One of the most timely, and arguably important ones, has been in playing a part in helping diagnose COVID infections on lung images," Dr. Rudolph Pienaar explains. He is referring to DarwinAl's Covid-Net Open Source Initiative, a set of neural networks models and Python programs that can detect possible COVID infection on lung CT images.

ChRIS's role in the Covid-Net initiative was to help develop a focused UI experience for analyzing lung CT images, and reporting COVID infection probabilities, an experience suitable for clinical users who simply want to analyze an image and get results without caring about how it all happens. The ChRIS COVID-Net UI has a doctor as its clear end user in mind.

Read more about Dr. Pienaar's interview here:

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