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FNNDSC Weekly Newsletter - Week 16

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Upcoming Events · September 16, 10:00 AM: Bi-weekly Lecture Series with Dr. Eleonora Tamilia

September 21: Flu Vaccination Begins

October 9: Letter of Intent for the Fall 2020 IDEA Grants · Every Friday: Fenway Fridays Helpful Links Research Announcements & News Funding Opportunities Staff Resources - Covid-19 Landmark Re-Entry Changes

Beginning today Monday, September 14, employees entering Longwood Center and 401 Park/Landmark Center will no longer check in at the attestation and mask distribution stations at the entrances for Boston Children’s office spaces. 

Requirements remain the same (with two updates noted in bold):

  1. Employees must pick up and wear a hospital issued mask at a department level. There are plenty of masks, hand sanitizer, and alcohol wipes in the supply room.

  2. Employees must complete the daily symptom screening attestation online before entering any of the hospital’s buildings

  3. Employees must complete the sign in sheet within each department. The sign in sheet is located on the front of the FNNDSC conference door. 

  4. Promote health and safety

  • Social distancing

  • Hand hygiene

  • Hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes

  • Office alterations and occupancy modifications to conference and huddle rooms

  • Stay home if you are not feeling well

Bi-Weekly Lecture Series with Eleonora Tamilia

Date: Wednesday, September 16​ at 10:00 AM​

Title: Advances in Analytical Neurophysiology: Locating the Epileptogenic Brain Tissue and Aid Epilepsy Surgery


Epilepsy is the most common neurological disorder affecting children in the US. In about one third of these children, anti-epileptic drugs fail to control seizures. The holy grail for treating them is to identify the brain area that is responsible for generating seizures - the so-called “epileptogenic zone” - and ultimately target it via neurosurgery, when possible. However, the epileptogenic zone is only a theoretical construct: it cannot be measured unequivocally but only estimated through a variety of diagnostic tools prior to surgery. Currently, about 40% of patients continue to have seizures after surgical treatment, underlining the need for better tools to identify the epileptogenic zone and optimize epilepsy treatment. In this talk, I will present my contributions to this field of research, along with future prospects. In particular, I will present: (i) Advances in the analysis of interictal high-frequency oscillations (HFOs) as presurgical epilepsy biomarkers on intracranial EEG, scalp EEG and MEG; (ii) Progresses in electric and magnetic source imaging to enhance the localization of interictal epileptiform activity prior to surgery; and (iii) Prospects to study the interplay between excitability and connectivity in the epileptic brain without relying on visible epileptiform patterns.


Eleonora Tamilia is an Instructor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children's Hospital, where she is part of the Fetal-Neonatal Neuroimaging Developmental Science Center (FNNDSC) and the Clinical MEG Program. She specializes in translational neuroimaging and analytical neurophysiology approaches to study the brain function and optimize treatments for neurological disorders, with a particular focus on epilepsy. She earned her BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering from University “Tor Vergata” of Rome (Italy), and her PhD from University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome. She joined BCH for her post-doctoral training on neuroimaging and neurophysiology in 2015, and she is now faculty at HMS. Her research is dedicated to the development of innovative analytical approaches to identify neurophysiological biomarkers of the epileptogenic brain network that can aid the diagnosis and surgical treatment of epilepsy.​


Zoom meeting information:

Password: 595364

Or dial in from your telephone:

Internally: x28882

Externally: 646-558-8656 (Primary)

408-638-0968 (If you are unable to dial into the primary number)

Telephone password: 595364

Or iPhone one-tap:

+16465588656,,98820692414# or +14086380968,,98820692414#

Meeting ID: 988 2069 2414

Administrative Changes

"Be a Zero Hero": Dialing "0" instead of "9" to Dial Out -Effective Tuesday, September 15th, all BCH staff will have to dial “0” instead of “9” to get an outside line. This includes adjustments to office lines that are currently forwarded to cell phones.

  • Staff can already start using “0” for outside lines and call forwarding; “9” will be completely eliminated on September 15th

  • This change is being made to reduce the number of accidental calls to 911

  • Additional information can be found in this ISD Communication Services Update

On-site Administrative Support This Week Gauravi will be onsite this week: mornings of Thursday, September 17th and Friday, September 18th.

How have we adapted to work from home?

Q: Can you guess what type of cat Alpen Ortug has?

A: Fluffy is a Turkish Angora. Read more about this breed here.

If you would like to share your work from home set up, fun quarantine activities, or pictures of your quarantine pet pals on the weekly newsletter series, please email

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