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FNNDSC Weekly Newsletter - Week 40

Upcoming Events

Various Dates: Newborn Brain Society - Fetal Neurology Webinar Series

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Last Week's FNNDSC Project Updates


This week the NIRS team got to see two of our babies for a 12 month and 6 month follow up. They also performed a number of spot measurements on our subjects who are currently inpatient in the BCH NICU. To close out the week they had another SCD/TCD neuroimaging visit! Finally, the team continues to gear up preparations for the NIRS Study at CURE Children's Hospital of Uganda.

Landmark Department Move

  • Please send Gauravi your computer Tag # and cubicle/office Jack # for our Move Sheet. It is important you also provide the name of the linux computer you primarily use. If you work remotely and need help collecting your jack #, she can assist.

  • ·It is recommended to purge papers and other items you do not plan to bring with you in the move.

  • If your group needs to move file cabinets, make sure all drawers are emptied except the bottom two drawers. (Please make sure to tell Gauravi if you have file cabinets that need to be moved, unless you have already.)

  • Move labels should contain your First and Last Name, Department name (Newborn Medicine, FNNDSC), and new Desk #/Office # (Gauravi can supply you with this information).

  • Desk trash receptacles and personal printers should also be labeled to be brought to your new desk/office location.

  • Computers, monitors, keyboard bags, boxes and other supplies that cannot fit into a box and need to be moved should be labeled.

Past Lectures

Neurosurgical Translational Research Roundtable - Drs. Joseph Madsen and Xin Tang hosted a conference on a translational research approach to "silencing" an area of the brain which could be used in epilepsy surgery. Watch this lecture here.

On-site Administrative Support This Week

Gauravi will be onsite this week on Monday, March 1st.

FNNDSC Fleece Orders

Thank you for submitting your FNNDSC fleece orders! All fleece orders are with the vendor now and are being put into production. Estimated arrival will in 3-5 weeks. Stay tuned!

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