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FNNDSC Weekly Newsletter - Week 42

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Upcoming Events

March 15th 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM: Newborn Medicine Grand Rounds | Jennifer Fang, MD - Telemedicine Support for Neonatal Resuscitation,, Password: 605612

March 16th 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM: BCH Al and Machine Learning Working Group | Ben Reis, PhD, Real-world COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness and the Mass Vaccination Experience in Israel, Register here

March 16th 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Harvard Surgical HSR Speaker Series

March 17th 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM: FNNDSC Lecture Series | Jana Hutter, PhD

Various Dates: Newborn Brain Society - Fetal Neurology Webinar Series

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Last Week's FNNDSC Project Updates

Placenta/Fetal Team

The team successfully scanned a participant for MRI Assessment of Placental Health and another participant for the Advanced Fetal Imaging Phase II study.


The NIRS team had a wild time this past week! They started off the week with a follow up measurement with one of their surgery kiddos from the IVH study. They enrolled an adorable new subject into the IntraOps study and did NIRS monitoring during their pial synagiosis on Wednesday. The NIRS team also enrolled three new subjects into the SCD study, doing NIRS during their TCD's this week. The team finished off the week with a continuous monitoring session in the NICU with a new subject in the IVH study!

Landmark Department Move

The FNNDSC will be moving from the 7 East floor to the 6 East floor during the late April/early May timeframe. Move boxes and move labels will be distributed to your cubicles and offices.

  • As you come in to pack the content of your desk, please send Gauravi the name of the linux computer you primarily use.

  • It is recommended to purge papers and other items you do not plan to bring with you in the move.

  • If your group needs to move file cabinets, make sure all drawers are emptied except the bottom two drawers.

  • Please make sure to tell Gauravi if you have file cabinets that need to be moved, unless you have already.

  • Move Labels:

  • Move labels should contain your First and Last Name, Department name (Newborn Medicine, FNNDSC), and new Desk #/Office # (Gauravi can supply you with this information).

  • Desk trash receptacles and personal printers should also be labeled to be brought to your new desk/office location.

  • Computers, monitors, keyboard bags, boxes and other supplies that cannot fit into a box and need to be moved should be labeled.

FNNDSC Lecture Series this Week

Date/Time: Wednesday, March 17th at 10:00 AM

Presenter: Jana Hutter, PhD

Title: Multi-modal MRI around the time of birth


Fetal MRI allows insight into the fascinating time before birth. However, the employed acquisition techniques are often borrowed from other parts of radiology and not made bespoke to the challenges and opportunities of the in-utero environment. In this talk, recent multi-modal techniques, designed to sample the tissue of interest in different contrasts simultaneously and developed as part of the NIH-funded PIP project will be presented as well as initial results in cohorts of pre-eclamptic pregnancies, fetuses diagnosed with CHD, FGR and PPROM. Initial results from the CARP study, combining maternal cardiac and placental assessment during pregnancy in women diagnosed with pre-eclampsia will be discussed.


Jana joined the developing Human Connectome Project at King's College London in 2014, focusing on the MRI acquisition to study early brain development in-utero and in the neonatal period. She focused on functional placental MRI during her Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowship 2016-2020 and has been involved in a number of projects studying the use of imaging to gain insights into human pregnancy and early development working at the interface of advanced MRI physics, clinical medicine and computer science.

Jana was recently awarded a 7y UKRI fellowship, focusing on a self-guiding fetal MRI scan. Developing external sensors and AI to track any motion during the scan in close collaboration with Imperial College, NYU, Siemens Healthineers and North Hamburg will allow to work towards a scan being guided entirely by the ongoing fetal life.


Zoom meeting information:

Join from your computer or mobile device:

Password: 475577

Or dial in from your telephone:

Internally: x28882

Externally: 646-558-8656 (Primary)

408-638-0968 (If you are unable to dial into the primary number)

Telephone password: 475577

Or iPhone one-tap:

+16465588656,,99957198661# or +14086380968,,99957198661#

EWS link:

Meeting ID: 999 5719 8661

On-site Administrative Support This Week

Gauravi will be onsite this week on Monday, March 15th.

In case you missed the special Boston Children Open Meeting, commemorating the one-year anniversary of the COVID quarantine, you can now watch it online, any time, here.

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