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FNNDSC Weekly Newsletter - Week 9

Key Dates

· July 27: SharePoint 2019 is now live

· August 5th at 10:00 AM: Bi-Weekly Lecture Series with Alexander Cohen

· August 8 - 14: 2020 ISMRM and SMRT Virtual Conference & Exhibition

Helpful Links

· New Interactive CME Course formats

Publications and Collaborations

· Dr. Rudolph Pienaar and his ACG team are working with a Canadian startup called Darwin AI, the University of Waterloo, and Red Hat to build a clinically focused workflow to detect COVID infection on lung CT images.

The goal of the project is to enable researchers and clinicians to more effectively detect Covid-19, thus helping inform clinical decision making.

· Congratulations to Dr. Eleonora Tamilia for being published in Epilepsia Journal as first shared author! Her work on the below detailed study was the product of a collaboration with the Boston Children's Neurology group led by Dr. Tobias Loddenkemper.

Title: Photoplethysmographic evaluation of generalized tonic‐clonic seizures

Objective: Photoplethysmography (PPG) is an optical technique measuring variations of blood perfusion in peripheral tissues. We evaluated alterations in PPG signals in relationship to the occurrence of generalized tonic‐clonic seizures (GTCSs) in patients with epilepsy to evaluate the feasibility of seizure detection.

How have we adapted to work from home?

Dr. Ellen Grant has a lot of company while working from home! Please meet her quarantine buddies:

If you would like to share your work from home set up, fun quarantine activities, or pictures of your quarantine pet pals on the weekly newsletter series, please email

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