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OHBM 2020 Conference

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

The 26th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping commences this June 23 through July 3rd. This year the conference is being held virtually due to uncertain times. Although nothing will ever replace the in-person experience, the virtual OHBM Conference will be more accessible than ever before with an opportunity to come together, collaborate and share the latest advances and research in human brain mapping.

Below is a list of FNNDSC researchers presenting their work:

  • Rudolph PienaarChRIS: An Opensource Software Platform for Containerized Neuro-Imaging Research 

  • Lana Vasung: Association Between the Thickness of Transient Fetal Cortical Compartments and Gene Expression

  • Banu AhtamAbnormal Sulcal Pattern in Children with 16p11.2 Deletion and Duplication Syndrome, Selective Impact of Maternal Childhood Maltreatment on Different White Matter Pathways 

  • Ai Wern Chung: Modeling and Analysis Methods -> Energy Transport Delay in fMRI Peripheral Subnetworks Linked to Autism Severity

  • HyukJin Yun: Altered Cortical Folding Depth in Fetuses with Down Syndrome, Spatiotemporal Patterns of Sulcal Pits in the fetal Brain

  • Jinwoo Hong: 2D R2U-Net and Plane Aggrgation for Fetal Cortical Plate Segmentation

  • Yue Zhang: Quantifying Normal on Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Maps for Generic Detection of Abnormalities 

Their presentations will be Wednesday June 24th, Friday June 26th, Tuesday

June 30th and Thursday July 2nd.

Click here for a link to the posters being presented by these FNNDSC researchers!

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