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FNNDSC Weekly Newsletter - Week 27

Upcoming Events

Today, November 30th 7:30 AM:

December 1st:

December 1st:

December 8th - 9th:

December 9th:

FNNDSC Lecture Series with Guest Speaker: Ajay Gopinath, PhD

December 16th [SAVE THE DATE]: Final Student ​Internship Presentation

Helpful Links

Funding Opportunities

Latest ISD Announcement

· In order to continue to protect Boston Children’s networks from cyberattacks, we are transitioning to a new, two-factor authentication system to protect access to external Outlook Web Access, starting the week of November 30.

· Users who have VPN access will be required to download and use the Duo Mobile application, available for IPhones and Androids.

· Users who do not have VPN access, but require external Outlook Web Access, will need to contact the Help Desk to enroll in Duo Mobile.

· No action is required now. This is to inform you of the upcoming rollout of DUO two-factor authentication, which will occur this week.

· Get a step ahead by using the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the Duo Mobile app. No other actions are required until next week.

· Watch for an email notifying you the day prior to Duo being activated for OWA, with further instructions on how to setup and use Duo Mobile.

Last Week's FNNDSC Project Updates

· Our Center's collaboration with the Department of Cardiology on the Boston Circulatory Arrest Study restarted acquiring research MRI data last week following a temporary pause due to COVID-19.

Clinical Data and Medical Research

· Lana Vasung finished quality check/scoring of 20 adult subjects for the new tractography algorithm by Ali Gholipour's team. A publication will be submitted soon.

Advanced Computing Group

· In the wake of the Red Hat / DarwinAI Press Release, Rudolph Pienaar interviewed with ITPro Today to discuss the Covid-Net project.


· Watch Ellen Grant's talk during the Virtual Education Series portion of the ISPD Conference 2020 discussing various MRI methods to assess function of the fetus and placenta here.

· Past FNNDSC Lecture Series from guest speakers can be found here.

Publication Spotlight

· Emi Takahashi has been published as second author in the November issue of the Cerebral Cortex. Read more on her publication titled "Brain Wiring and Supragranular-Enriched Genes Linked to Protracted Human Frontal Cortex Development" here.

On-site Administrative Support This Week

Gauravi will be onsite this week on Wednesday, December 2nd.

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