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Press Release: Covid-Net & Boston Children's ChRIS framework

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The goal of the Covid-Net collaboration is to make it easier for clinicians to use this open-source initiative in hospitals by means of a web-based graphical user interface that sits atop Boston Children’s ChRIS framework using Red Hat OpenShift — the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform that supports deployments across complex hybrid and multicloud infrastructures.

"Improving clinical care and outcomes through cutting edge computational research is core to the mission of Boston Children’s FNNDSC. Our open source ChRIS platform allows for the rapid development and deployment of novel AI solutions in practically any setting," said Boston Children’s Scientist Rudolph Pienaar, Ph.D., lead Technical Architect of ChRIS and Assistant Professor in Radiology at Harvard Medical School.

"We are thrilled to help deploy COVID-Net on ChRIS with DarwinAI and leverage Red Hat OpenShift. We believe this effort can result in screening many cases at tremendous scale and help focus healthcare where it is most needed as quickly as possible."

Read more on this press release here.

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